How to Volunteer for a Small NGO in Haiti

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The phone rang and a man on the other end of the telephone asked for “Mercy League.” Puzzled, the director answered, “yes this is Mercy League…” Can you help me go to Haiti to volunteer,” the man interrupted! The director was a little dumbfounded as to how this person was able to find me on his home telephone. Just the same he explained the scope of our organization and helped him make plans to join one of his Haiti relief tea. To help support the cause you care for, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

The Mercy League website is small, unassuming and not easy to find, but people are finding it because they are desperate to help! They’re being turned away by larger organizations and forced to search high and low for someone to accept them.

Mercy League is a small non-profit designed for long term sustainable service to indigenous peoples. Relief work has not been a part of the cope of its work… until now. One of their teams happened to be in Haiti during the earthquake, so they blazed a new trail into relief work in the Capital. “It’s been interesting to change gears and network with local organizations toward relief work, but I think we will do more good than harm,” the director noted. He was speaking about his intent to join in and take on small areas that are not being serviced by the larger NGO’s. We are doing little more than glorified camping, but we are almost totally self contained and are free from the red tape that bind up so many larger organizations.” Mercy League is also partnering with local organizations and readily shares resources and volunteers. “We are all playing on the same team,” he said.

If you are one of those volunteers and would like to find a volunteer opportunity, search the internet for organizations and denominations already in Haiti or go to and click on the “Sojourner Ops” or Volunteer link to join a Haiti Relief Team.

Another good organization (medical) is an international Christian school turned center for medical network in the capital. It can be found at attention D. Wiersma.

Those of you traveling to Haiti…. Take care.

Diana Saleem

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