The Witch of the Ngobe Bugle (Guaymi) Indian Tribe

A little girl standing in front of a fence

Witch may not be the correct term for this girl, but that is what she is called by her own tribe the Ngobe Bugle (Guaymi) Indians. She was always shorter than the other children her age. Other Guaymi girls grow their hair long while hers is short.

At night she sleeps one or two hours. She used to wake up her family saying she was hearing a horse outside the house. Only once were the other people in her house able to hear what she was hearing. Her grandfather went outside and checked all around the house. He found nothing, not even a horses foot print. After many such incidents she began getting in trouble with the elder Guaymi in her house.

She was in her very first days of school when she was told to leave by her teacher. She was distracting the classroom too often. While other kids her age were in first grade she was at home working.

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In the mornings she was always the first one up. She would stoke the fire in the kitchen area of the house. Next she would fill five gallon buckets with water she had carried up the hill from a spring. When there was food for breakfast available such as green bananas, she would be the one to peel them (with a machete) and boil them in water over the fire. She helped younger children in her family to eat and than she ate her own food. This Guamy Indian girl always bathed the younger kids in her house from the five gallon buckets of water . She also dressed the other smaller children and took care of most of their needs. At night when the rest of her family is sleeping she is rocking babies and toddlers back in forth in their hammocks.

Unlike the other Ngobe Bugle children she never is sent to run errands in the village. Never does she go swimming, fishing, or even to Guaymi village celebrations. The only place other than the spring and the house she goes is into the jungle to work with her large family. To help provide for your growing family, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via ufabet168.bet.

This girl realizes she is different from everyone else, yet it doesn’t seem to bother her. She seems to enjoy helping to take care of her family. She is smart and yet may never learn to read or write.

Even though she is not tired at night, unless a baby is crying she lays down and pretends to be asleep. After many years she has learned not to act differently than her Guaymi family. She no longer lets other people know when she hears the horse running around their house and through the Ngobe Bugle village whinnying.

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