Green Career: International Sales Professionals

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One reason why Green industry is so attractive as a career choice is it is a true international business with no boundaries; which is why many have suggested Green Economy will be one of the major economies around the world. Earn the money and get yourself in the green career by playing simple and interactive betting games atความรู้เรื่องกีฬา-ufabet/.

Literally, anyone can be part of this Great Industry, and if you are multilingual, then your opportunity is even much higher. USA is a fortunate country with great culture diversity and rapid increase in terms of its multilingual and multicultural population; part of the reasons is its successful program in offering Spanish as a compulsory language at primary and secondary schools.

USA actually is the global leader when comes to exporting green products & services; especially those relating to technologies; amongst the top 1000 US Employers; other than the Government Agencies; almost all of them are exporting one way or another.

The major markets are obviously Asia and Latin American markets; as well as European and Middle East markets. Latin America is especially a major market for water management, natural resources management; environmental IT software applications and also essential recycling products; as well as providing consultancy services.

Similarly, Asia is also the major market especially China and SE Asia; as well as Japan. US made water management products and solar products are major exportable items in these markets.

In our research amongst the top environmental engineering firms in USA; there are numerous positions available for international sales & marketing executives; as well as for bi-lingual engineers; these positions are always in high demand as well as for internship programs.

International Marketing Professionals

From our research; we have seen significant increasing demand for international marketing professionals from environmental / greentech related companies. Water treatment & waste management are 2 areas that have been hiring multilingual international marketing professionals.

We had also conducted interviews with these companies; and most have focus their hiring efforts to expand their opportunities into China, India and Brazil; but also into European markets.

Potential Job Positions:

1) Business Development & Sales Managers

2) International Marketing Professionals

3) Sales Directors

4) Environmental Engineers

5) Technical Sales Professionals

Specific skills and project co-ordinators are also in demand; you can also consider contractor positions and opportunities. For instance, we were contracted by US environmental companies to develop their multi-lingual websites and also their marketing materials.

Growing opportunities in China, Brazil and India have presented great business opportunities for American environmental companies; these markets have desperate demand to improve their environmental issues; and often require technologies and services from developed markets.

Some Companies Looking for multilingual Green professionals: GE Energy, Siemens, Environmental Engineering Firms; Green MBA Courses looking to attract international students; US solar technology companies.

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